Things that I like (part 1)

Things that I?ve found online that I don?t want to forget.

Running Grails in a Shared Tomcat Environment

There are some gotchas with running Grails in a shared Tomcat environment.

Grails? g:datePicker Time Zone

How does Grails? datePicker GSP tag handle time zones on dates?

First web site online again

CERN has restored the first web site.

Tracking the Trackers

Here?s something you can do to track those who track your use of the Internet.

Goodbye Facebook

I?ve closed my account on Facebook. Here?s why?

Database MAX() function does strings

I was a bit surprised today to find that the database MAX() function handles string input. I shouldn?t be of course?

Site Upgrade 2012

Awoogah, awoogah! Watch out, site upgrade happening live.