14 Mar 2012 by Administration

Awoogah, awoogah! Watch out, site upgrade happening live.

I’ve put off making a major change to this site for years, but now it is time. (In the latter half of 2012, this plan got sidelined by more important family matters, but things are a bit more on track now.)

Smartphone support

Page editing now works from an iPhone, but I haven't checked others. The entire feature is implemented using a fluid grid with media queries. Resize the browser window to see how the design changes.

I initially chose 1140 grid as the basis for my redesign, but was never happy with the effort required to make a design with it. I'm now using Twitter Bootstrap—yes, the one that powers Twitter—and so far it is really easy to use.

HTML5 support

Full HTML5 support wherever possible. Forms use the new input type attribute values, and the site structure uses some of the new block elements, particularly footer. Twitter Bootstrap uses fewer of these than 1140 grid, unfortunately.

Internet Explorer

Poor, dear, old, Internet Explorer…

Of course, as soon as you do anything modern in a web site, you leave behind older browsers. These need help to display the site properly. The most common of these is Internet Explorer. 1140 grid needed the support of html5shiv to display nicely in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (6 is entirely irrelevant, except in China, for some reason), and Bootstrap comes with templates that use it too, so not a problem.