01 May 2013 by Administration

CERN has restored the first web site.

Everything has to begin somewhere. CERN, the organisation that began the World Wide Web, has found a copy of the web pages it put online 20 years ago and put them back online. These were the first web pages to exist.


Why should anyone care?

Try to read any other document on your computer that you wrote 20 years ago. Does it even open? Microsoft Word was at version 6 in 1993, and files of this era are actively blocked in Word 2010 (however, the block can be turned off). Adobe Reader will still open PDF documents from 1993, but may put up a warning about features that no longer exist. Good luck with anything else that wasn't popular, or had a patchy life, e.g. AppleWorks/ClarisWorks.

With most computer software, you have a period in which a file format is well supported, then as the software is upgraded and new features are added, the format's use wanes as does support for it. You should migrate your important documents regularly (i.e. perhaps every 5 years) to ensure they remain readable.